Warm Modernity

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The book “Warm Modernity” focuses on the urban architecture of India by placing it in a spatial context so as to take readers on an architectural adventure. It conflates scientific research on contemporary issues with the origins and history of participatory architecture. The design retraces the process of architectural development in India, leading to the creation of a book that illustrates a kind of graphical identity of the country. Thus, the colour code is a warm duotone of auburn and brown, typical of Indian textiles, while the logotype is derived from an original typeface inspired by Gandhi’s glasses.

  • Design:
    Stefano Mandato, Milan
  • Exhibition Architecture:
    Samuel Colle, Giacomo Gatto, Pierpaolo Tonin, Milan
  • Exhibition Production:
    Isa Consonni, UNIFOR S.p.A., Turate (Como)
  • Concept:
    Maddalena d’Alfonso, Milan
  • Client:
    Triennale di Milano, Milan
  • Photography:
    Marco Introini, Milan
  • Publisher:
    Michele Pizzi, Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo (Milan)