Poster Series

Was hat Venedig zu verstecken?

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This poster series deals with the enormous environmental pollution in Venice during the last century, using information graphics to visualise the facts and results of research conducted on this issue. The presentation of these facts relies upon a highly variegated and creative implementation: be it the impending submersion of the city due to the rising sea level, conveyed through abstract waves demonstrating the rise in recent years, or the pollution of the industrial city of Porto Marghera, symbolised by colourful mountain peaks, the respective heights of which suggest the threat, facts and numbers merge with the graphic illustration into a meaningful and aesthetic unity that attracts attention and sparks interest. The main emphasis of the series lies on showing the causes of this pollution. However, it also depicts concepts and strategies for the future, considerations on giving nature back its original space and repairing existing damage. Statement by the jury »In order to present the plethora of real information, this poster series opts for an approach that strikes a balance between clarity and reduction as well as attractiveness and sensibility. The message is thus conveyed in a highly appealing manner without running the risk of the content becoming uninspiring.«

  • Client:
    Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach / Academy of Art and Design Offenbach
  • Design:
    Kim Angie Cicuttin
  • supervising professor:
    Prof. Klaus Hesse
  • text:
    Berthold Druck GmbH