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Was liegen blieb

Was liegen blieb | Red Dot Design Award

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This book unites two artists, who dedicated themselves to one topic. “Was liegen blieb” (What was left) is about ordinary, day-to-day found items. While Swiss author Franz Hohler describes his daily found item in a diary, Austrian artist Ruth Gschwendtner-Wölfle places a picture of a found item opposite to his text. The book, completely finalised in digital print, is 800 pages strong and encourages the reader to record their own found items and thoughts.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Ruth Gschwendtner-Wölfle
  • Design:
    Kurt Dornig Grafikdesign & Illustration
  • concept:
    Ruth Gschwendtner-Wölfle, Kurt Dornig
  • text:
    Franz Hohler
  • graphic design:
    Kurt Dornig
  • photography:
    Günter König
  • printing:
    Mayr Record Scan
Was liegen blieb | Red Dot Design Award