WASD – Select System

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This bookazine deals with the topic of computer games by following a new approach: twice a year it presents texts that reflect a feuilletonistic view of gaming, written by well-known authors, journalists, bloggers, game developers and even non-gamers. In terms of graphics, WASD follows classic book typography, which places a high priority on reading comfort, adding elements of editorial design. With its ambitious and high-quality layout, this bookazine aims to distinguish itself from established game magazines.

  • Client:
    Sea of Sundries Verlag, Munich
  • Design:
    Markus Weißenhorn, Munich
  • concept:
    Christian Schiffer, Markus Weißenhorn
  • editor-in-chief:
    Christian Schiffer
  • photography:
    Rion Sabean et al.
  • illustration:
    Daniel Wallner et al.
  • printing:
    Laserline, Berlin