OCI Annual Report 2010

We Deliver the Future

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The annual report by OCI, an international supply company for polysilicon, was created as a joint project between an Asian and a German design agency. The title, in particular, serves as a reminiscence of the seminal material that this company is providing. The landscape format of the report is inspired by roadshow presentations and supports the clear imagery. In an analogy to polysilicon and carbon, all other graphic elements were designed to follow rough black-and-white aesthetics. The content points out emerging markets and potentials.

  • Client:
    OCI Company Ltd., Seoul
  • Design:
    The Third Age, Seoul; Strichpunkt Design, Stuttgart
  • creative direction:
    Jochen Theurer, Strichpunkt
  • art direction:
    Gi-Hwan Kim, The Third Age; Jan Hartwig, Christopher Biel, Strichpunkt
  • strategic planning:
    Jin-Wook Park, The Third Age; Jochen Rädeker, Beate Flamm, Strichpunkt
  • graphic design:
    So-Dam Park, Jung Nam, The Third Age; Jan Hartwig, Strichpunkt
  • text:
    Beate Flamm, Strichpunkt; Kyung-Wha Park, The Third Age
  • project management:
    Daehong Communications Design Center