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Wealth & Honor

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The Johnnie Walker Blue special edition was launched on the Korean market to celebrate the New Year of 2016. It includes Korean characters and mother-of-pearl inlays in the design, making it a special gift and collectible. Its bottle, which is inlaid with the symbols of wealth and prosperity, such as peony, deer and peacock, is a work of art. Each side of the brand’s square signature bottle bears the letters of the Korean translation of “Wealth and Honor”. When the four bottles are put together in a line, it turns into a complete motif displaying these two words.

  • Head of Marketing:
    Hyuk Soo (James) Lee, Hye Ja Kim, Ji Sun Park, Diageo, Seoul
  • Art Direction:
    Ji Yeon Chang, Jing Dong Cui, Indirain
  • Project Management:
    Jung Hwa Lee, Indirain
  • Client:
    Johnnie Walker House Seoul
  • Design:
    Indirain, Seoul
  • Artwork:
    Ji Yoon Kim, Seoul