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Well-Being Life is a health-care brand whose product range comprises three categories: Vital Line, Well-Aging Line and Beauty Line. The well-thought-out packaging design emphasises the impact of each product through a graphical icon, providing users with easy product selection. In addition, the recommended daily dose is printed on the front of the packaging. The plastic containers are free of harmful substances and are produced in manufacturing facilities with filter systems. With natural colours and a lid designed to resemble wood, the packaging communicates a healthy image.

  • Client:
    Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi Province
  • Design:
    Coreana Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Gyeonggi Province
  • Creative Direction:
    Hyang-Mi Jang
  • Graphic Design:
    Yu-Ra Lee, Eun-Gi Kim, Hong-Joon Kim
  • Head of Marketing:
    Young-Tae Kim