West Bund Art & Design Stage

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This interior design project had to solve the task of creating a unique space within a 23-metre-high factory hall, which was to serve equally as a lounge, exhibition space and central gathering area at the West Bund Art & Design 2016 art fair in Shanghai. The result was a gallery-like lounge, including a café, comfortable seating and a fascinating atmosphere, interspersed with spaces displaying contemporary artwork. Inside the strong white industrial West Bund Art Center space, the stage takes on a bold, dark shape that transitions into a design sculpture over ten metres high. Powerful and dark abstract shapes remind of Chinese calligraphy strokes. As a strong contrast to the industrial atmosphere of the building, this area exudes a sleek and elegant feel that creates an intimate space in its expansive setting, encouraging discourse between visitors. Its function as an area for discussion is also indicated by its subtle “speech bubble” shape.

Statement by the Jury

What is impressive about the West Bund Art & Design Stage is how this work succeeds in creating a space-in-space situation within an old industrial hall, a setting that is not only new and contemporary, but also respects the existing architecture and the spacious area. This project has accomplished that very task to an excellent effect and the black and white colours underline the graphic forms of the new design inside the factory.

  • Client:
    West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China
  • Design:
    COORDINATION ASIA, Shanghai, China