Red Dot Design Award

When music flows into pictures

When music flows into pictures | Red Dot Design Award

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In June 2012, the Philharmoniker Hamburg wanted to attract new visitors to their upcoming concert “The Moldau” or “Vltava” by the Czech composer Bedřich Smeta-na. To this end, an impressive large-size poster (16 by 2 metres) was to be created in the Hamburg Shopping Arcades. Commissioned artist Debbie Smyth worked for five days live on-site in front of passers-by, using 5,900 nails and 1.2 km of string to visualise the plot of this musical piece. On the billboard, the strings of a real violin flow to create the scenes that Smetana was picturing with his music.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Philharmoniker Hamburg
  • Design:
    Draftfcb Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg
  • artist:
    Debbie Smyth
  • creative direction:
    Dirk Haeusermann, Jessica Schneider, Mario Anspach
  • art direction:
    Tim Lehnebach
  • text:
    Frederik Wetzel
  • account management:
    Guido Kirschner, Sabine Classen, Susanne Knauff, Maik Schneider
  • art buying:
    Katja Nicklaus
When music flows into pictures | Red Dot Design Award