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Who Am We?

Who Am We? | Red Dot Design Award

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“Who Am We?” is an interactive film by a London-based Korean artist who, in an open letter, invited 218,000 employees at Hyundai Motor Group to participate in an exhibition which will be part of a permanent display at HMG’s human resources devel-opment centre. The journey of the work began with the employees submitting their portraits, which were then assembled on a video wall. From a distance, these photographs appear as tiny dots that, in the course of the animation, constitute sentences. Participants can see their faces enlarge in the centre of the screen only when they log in to a smartphone application. This aesthetically outstanding, innovative work also examines the subtle boundaries between the individual and a group by demonstrating how the identities of individuals are minimised or neglected in a crowd for greater value. By utilising digital interaction and inviting employees as active participants, the clearly designed project opens up a new space of dialogue, and the employees are naturally led to explore their identity and develop a sense of belonging in their communities. Statement by the jury »The highly interactive installation embodies a wonderful integration of the employees into the company’s media processes and thus strengthens both their identities and the corporate identity. “Who Am We?” is marked by a highly interesting design solution and a technically complex implementation.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Hyundai Motor Group, Seoul
  • Design:
    Do Ho Suh, London
  • project management:
    Innocean Worldwide, Visual Communication Division, Seoul
  • motion design:
    Do Ho Suh, London Imagebakery, Seoul
  • exhibition stand construction:
    Suh Architects, Seoul
  • music/sound design:
    Cravesound, Bucheon
  • photography:
    Kisu Park, Seoul Nils Clauss, Seoul
Who Am We? | Red Dot Design Award
Who Am We? | Red Dot Design Award
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