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Wichtig oder nichtig | Stick it or kick it

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This pocket-sized self-organiser sorts everything into four categories in order to set priorities: from “urgent and important” to “not urgent and not important”. When opened, all four categories are displayed in the form of four key visuals which fold out. There are adhesive notepads under each folder. This makes it easy to note and sort assignments quickly. Humorous illustrations show mythical creatures, which tell a story for each category inspired by phrases like “overcome your inner beast”, “scapegoat”, “sloth” and “making a monkey of yourself”.

  • Client:
    Klaus Karl Christmann, Tübingen
  • Design:
    Nadine Nill Design, Mössingen
  • Text:
    Andreas Park, parktext, Munich
  • Artwork:
    Jens Bonnke, Berlin
  • Photography:
    Tina Bachmann, Darmstadt
  • Printing:
    Bernd Seifried, Sautter GmbH, Reutlingen