Wild Rose

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To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Greek skincare brand KORRES created the special “Wild Rose” edition as a tribute to its iconic ingredient. The edition stages a dramatic combination of older campaign images with contemporary ones, aiming to portray the timeless power of this important symbol, while taking the reader on a radiant journey into the heart of the brand. The aim of the design was to fascinate through an oversize format and an embossed linen-cover title. At the same time, subtle, unobtrusive typography and other typographic elements are kept low-key, thus heightening the effect of the picture.

  • Design:
    KORRES, Athens
  • Editor-in-Chief:
    George Anthoulakis, Athens
  • Editorial Design:
  • Production:
    ALPHABET SA, Athens
  • Client:
    KORRES, Athens
  • Design Concept/Direction:
    Stavros Papagiannis, Athens
  • Graphic Design:
    Marianna Vouza, Athens