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Window | Red Dot Design Award

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In the quintessential Chinese garden culture, the cleft window has a unique and changeable form of expression with distinctive cultural characteristics. How do we preserve this culture and integrate it into daily life is the focus of the designers' thinking. Window is a collection of plate designs inspired by the window patterns in Taihu Li Garden's ‘Eight scenes of Qing Qi’. The window forms in the garden are very varied, and each style has its own significance. The styles and patterns of these windows are collected extensively, and after which, the most fundamental elements that can be most feasibly combined are chosen for the creations. The series is crafted in pottery clay. As a cultural product, it has a wide range of uses, such as a small object for storage or a food container.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    YanShe Design, China
  • Design Lead:
    Chen Weibin
  • Design:
    Deng Yile, Dong Jingjun, Li Shaotian, Xie Shanling
Window | Red Dot Design Award