Windspiel Premium Dry Gin

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The website for this gin brand from the Volcanic Eifel in Germany, which is intending to position itself in the premium segment and to address sophisticated connoisseurs, sets out to turn the brand into a true experience and make the audience immerse into and enjoy the exiting world of high-quality gin. The inventors themselves took the role of brand ambassadors in order to convincingly convey the mentality of the brand. Creatively staged videos of them as the “Eifel Gin Royals”, an animated cartoon explaining the manufacturing process, and background stories, for example why the product is dedicated to Frederick the Great, round off the premium appearance.

  • Client:
    Eifelion GmbH, Daun
  • Managing Director:
    Sandra Wimmeler
  • Authorised Signatory:
    Denis Lönnendonker
  • Head of Marketing:
    Rebecca Mertes
  • Design:
    Stijlroyal, Wiesbaden
  • Design:
    next.motion, Gera
  • Artwork:
    Jörg Huck Haas, Stijlroyal
  • Project Management:
    Bernd Ringsdorf, Stijlroyal
  • Web Design:
    Pierre Geyer, Falko Birner, next.motion