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WINE, BEAUTIFUL | Red Dot Design Award

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This design aims to develop a marketing plan of white wine for female consumers. The name of the wine is “Wine, Beautiful”, which is also a homophone for “the most beautiful” in Mandarin Chinese. In so doing, the product embodies the beauty of oriental drinking culture and draws potential consumers’ attention. The design of the logo combines three different aspects – the colour of oriental rouge, the appearance of petals and the pattern of ink wash painting – and thus lends the wine the impression of a traditional Chinese product. The four different product variations – peony, lotus, camellia and apricot flowers – imply a reference to the “Four Beauties” of Diaochan, Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun and Yang Guifei in Chinese mythology. They are inspired by these historical figures, who allegedly had a magical influence on the kings and emperors of their times, and endue the herbal wine with additional cultural vitality. The lovingly drawn illustrations of flowers and bushes, as well as the slightly tapered shape in the middle part of the bottles are both specially aimed at the female target group.

Statement by the Jury

“Wine, Beautiful” fascinates with its brilliant implementation. The packaging design is meticulously crafted to the last detail and both graphically and formally custom-tailored to address the target group. The discreet colouring pairs with a simple form without frills, imbuing the extensive set of wines with a premium high-quality image.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Chungyu Institute of Technology, Keelung City
  • Design:
    Sih-Hua Jhu, Min-Hsiang Chang, Hung-Yu Lai, Kun-Hung Lin, Yung-Hao Chen, Chun-Kai Kao, Chungyu Institute of Technology
  • Supervising professor:
    Jung Shun Huang
WINE, BEAUTIFUL | Red Dot Design Award
WINE, BEAUTIFUL | Red Dot Design Award