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World of Waves

World of Waves | Red Dot Design Award

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In the media, climate change and its consequences are big topics; however, they mostly remain abstract to the public. In order to make the topics more tangible, the campaign “World of Waves” visualises the effect of climate change through a stunning illustration in which a huge wave is rolling towards the viewer. A closer look reveals that the wave is made of maps as they are usually shown in an atlas. The hues of white and blue represent different depths, though the map shows individual countries and oceans that are completely jumbled together by the waves in a literal sense and familiar arrangements are no longer discernible. Overrun by the massive waves, the jumble of countries aims to reflect the perilous impact of climate change; the shaky, handwritten headline “Stop climate change, before it changes our world” gets to the heart of the message.

Statement by the Jury

The image of the wave and the way it figuratively overruns the world constitutes a remarkable idea for a campaign. Simple and strong in appearance, it clearly demonstrates what will happen if we remain indifferent towards climate change. A design idea that is pitch-perfect and effective.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Greenpeace e.V., Hamburg
  • Design:
    Scholz & Friends
  • Marketing Director:
    Henning Lorenz-Meyer
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Martin Pross
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Matthias Spaetgens, Robert Krause
  • Art Direction:
    Sebastian Kamp
  • Text:
    Stefan Sohlau
  • Graphic Design:
    Adrian Redlich
  • Illustration:
    Matthew Cusick, New York
  • Account Management:
    Nathalie Zurhold, Josef Höhnow
  • Art Buying:
    Kirsten Rendtel
World of Waves | Red Dot Design Award