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Since its first issue, “Y Mag” has featured a unique tactile feel to distinguish itself with sensuous information from the exclusively visual appearance of digital magazines. The subject of papercuts, an art form with a long tradition in Switzerland, which was presented in an exhibition at the national museum Forum of Swiss History, became the occasion for the publication of a magazine issue with a paper-cut layout. The design principle was consistently applied throughout the entire issue, from the cover to the portraits of the people presented in the magazine. The haptic effect increases readers’ awareness of the magazine and makes the content more attractive.

  • Client:
    Amadeus AG, Schwyz
  • Design:
    Brunner Bekker, Munich
  • Design:
    Helmut Morrison, Munich
  • Publisher:
    Urs Durrer, Amt für Wirtschaft Schwyz
  • Photography:
    Stefan Zürrer, Schwyz