Red Dot Design Award
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Yacht Defined

Yacht Defined | Red Dot Design Award

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Yacht Defined is the 29” super widescreen navigation interface of a cockpit solution that enables new ways of being in control, thus monitoring a boat’s system and activity from the pier or from home. Manoeuvring takes place with the fingertips using interactions such as swipe, pan and pinch. Thermal cameras support navigation in poor conditions. The digital cockpit provides the user with all relevant information. Its appearance and dynamic content change depending on situations, time of day and surrounding conditions, enhancing the user experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Strategic Planning:
    Håkan Lindström, Vilhelm Djurberg
  • Product Owner:
    Emma Rozada
  • Technical Direction:
    Gustav Sohtell
  • Client:
    HOC Yachts, Stockholm
  • Creative Direction:
    Serj Levinta, Sergiu Tulgara
  • Design:
    The Techno Creatives, Göteborg
Yacht Defined | Red Dot Design Award
Yacht Defined | Red Dot Design Award