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YG Family Concert in Seoul Live CD

YG Family Concert in Seoul Live CD | Red Dot Design Award

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“YG Family 2014 World Tour: Power” is a live album that includes songs from a concert featuring all artists from the YG Entertainment music label. The show was staged like a comic book film adaptation with the singers presented as a team of superheroes. The feeling of watching a superhero film was incorporated into the album’s packaging design as well, and complemented with an additional touch of Film Noir-style. The drawings on the cover are reminiscent of the aesthetics known from the “Batman” comics, while the images in the photo book are boxed in cartoon frames. The dynamic structure of the illustrations, together with the bold font which solely consists of capital letters and the use of red colour, convey the excitement of the show.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    YG Entertainment, Seoul
  • Design:
    Design Lab YG Entertainment, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    SJ S
  • Art Direction:
    Hyunju Lee
  • Graphic Design:
    Hyona Park, Soo Jeong Lee, Yun Sun Yang
  • Animation:
    Gyeorae Lee
YG Family Concert in Seoul Live CD | Red Dot Design Award