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Yimu Electric Kettle

Yimu Electric Kettle | Red Dot Design Award

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Yimu Electric Kettle is made for anyone who loves simplicity. The thermally insulated white oak handle adds texture to the product while keeping the handle cool when in operation. The kettle’s distinctive outlet has a curved surface that optimises liquid flow, creating a drip-free and splash-free pour. Utilising a cutting-edge water circling heating technology, Yimu Electric Kettle heats water faster and quieter than other more expensive water pots on the market. The intelligent temperature adjustment function not only heats to the preset temperature but also keep the hot water at a stable temperature. An electronic control panel allows users to view and control the temperature and preset settings. The temperature can be adjusted by turning the outer gear of the electronic display. Once the water boiling programme is completed, it automatically enters a 24-hour heat preservation system. Along with a precise temperature sensor-control for the water, it intelligently monitors the volume of the remaining water in the kettle to determine if there is a need for heat preservation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Chen Tianyi, Dr. Li Zhiqiang, Li Tingran, Wei Xinyu, Yu Xiaozhu, China