Yutong Collections

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Meticulously designed and produced, this brochure presents a collection of jewellery. The vertical format is used to apply the golden ratio to the design. A one-fold page and two pamphlets, inserted into the brochure by hand, lend the body text an additional layer of meaning. The contrast between the occidental-style landscape on the front cover and the oriental Chinese ink elements on the back cover reflects the author’s mixed Western and Chinese cultural roots. Ornamental graphics and still photography constitute the principle design elements for the presentation of the works. The front cover of the brochure is printed on a specialty paper with a pearly lustre finish, while the inside pages are printed on environmentally friendly paper.

  • Client:
    Yutong, Beijing
  • Design:
    Zhongyi Brand Design Co., Ltd., Beijing
  • Art Direction:
    Jingguo Zhu