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ZDF Online Display Murder Mystery

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This retargeting campaign realised the concept of a ZDF online murder mystery drama to gain users through the Web. It was created against the backdrop of a younger target group of individuals aged 20 to 30 who prefer to surf the Internet instead of watching TV. The idea was to stage a gripping crime drama in the form of online display ads, but without users having to click their way through to the next clue. Instead, they could track down the clues on major websites for one week by using intelligent retargeting. In the displays, the online detectives followed clues, collected evidence, cracked mobile phone codes and ultimately solved the case.

  • Client:
    ZDF, Mainz
  • Design:, Munich
  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Alexander Schill, Friedrich von Zitzewitz
  • Executive Creative Direction:
    Markus Maczey, Axel Thomsen
  • Creative Direction:
    Michael Reill, Bernd Nagenrauft
  • Art Direction:
    Rolf Eggers
  • Text:
    Moritz Franke, Flavio Redlich
  • Account Supervision:
    Reinhard Schneider, Carsten Rossetti, Lynn Halligan
  • Media:
    Jochen Lenhard, Andrea Koch, Vanessa Pick