Station Idents


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The station IDs for the entertainment TV station ZDFneo convey their values of humour, openness, curiosity and individualism as well as preparedness to take risks, thus clearly reflecting the stations’s variety and diversity. Each station ID tells an individual story, which follows the motto “sieh’s mal neo” (“Look at it in a new way”), and, with its form and narration, entertains viewers with intelligent humour and surprising moments. The moon landing, for instance, does not end with a flag being hoisted but with a Christmas tree being set up.

  • Client:
    ZDF, Mainz
  • Design:
    ZDF, Mainz; dropout-films, Mainz
  • Creative Direction:
    Christian Kohl, Norbert Menkel, ZDF
  • Film Direction:
    Daniel Seideneder, dropout-films
  • Film Production:
    Wolf Tassilo Sack, dropout-films
  • Camera:
    Harald Capota, dropout-films
  • Film Editing:
    David Fabra, Frankfurt/Main