Red Dot Design Award


zeros+ones | Red Dot Design Award

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The primary focus of the website of zeros+ones is “us” – started as a hackathon, the entire team was involved in the relaunch. Thus, the website illustrates how the agency imagines the Internet: detail is relevant, visitors are gently guided and the message is transparent. The clear layout of the pages offers all the relevant information at one glance. The agency‘s binary word mark was translated into the design with the help of black and white imagery and magnetism as a metaphor for the interaction between opposite poles.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    zeros+ones GmbH, Munich
  • Design:
    zeros+ones GmbH, Munich
  • Creative Direction:
    Antonio Luca Capelletti
  • Graphic Design:
    Jon Prepeluh, Thomas Uebe, Hwan Lee
  • Technical Direction:
    Thomas Vogt, Jannik Egger
  • Photography:
    Leopold Fiala
zeros+ones | Red Dot Design Award