Red Dot Design Award

Zest Sauces

Zest Sauces | Red Dot Design Award

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Zest is a range of pasta sauces and pestos that are free from artificial ingredients. Reacting to declining sales, the entire packaging design was reconfigured to revive the brand. In a crowded market, the brand needed a distinctive personality. Therefore, the designers created a team of personalities as eye-catching key visuals. The cute illustrations of naturists underline the naturalness of the products. In addition, a sign next to each character communicates the outstanding quality feature: “Free from artificial anything”.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    AB World Foods, Kent
  • Design:
    Designers Anonymous, London
  • creative direction:
    Darren Barber, Christian Eager
  • graphic design:
    Christian Eager
  • illustration:
    Danijela Dobric
Zest Sauces | Red Dot Design Award