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zForce Drive Steering Wheel

zForce Drive Steering Wheel | Red Dot Design Award

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The increasing number of technical options in cars may lead to driver distraction, thereby posing a threat to safety. The zForce Drive steering wheel seeks to minimise that threat. Equipped with features such as touch sensors and LEDs, the device allows drivers to respond to different situations, for example incoming phone calls, without having to take their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. The system, with its focus on providing contextual information, is also designed to let the driver perform many other functions, such as the acceleration of the vehicle, more intuitively.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Neonode Technologies, Stockholm
  • Client:
    Autoliv, Stockholm
  • Design:
    Interaktionsbyrån, Göteborg
  • Creative Direction:
    Joel Rozada (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Design Director:
    Emma Rozada
  • Lead Design:
    Marte Holmöy (Studio Director), Rasmus Dahl Örn (Interaction Designer), Serj Levinta (Interaction Designer)
  • Technical Direction:
    Oskar Hagberg (Chief Technical Officer), Magnus Spånggård (Software Developer)
zForce Drive Steering Wheel | Red Dot Design Award
zForce Drive Steering Wheel | Red Dot Design Award