Red Dot Design Award


Zorraquino | Red Dot Design Award

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The website of Zorraquino, a consultant agency based in Bilbao, aims at substantiating the excellence of the agency in the field of web marketing. The core company value lies in the informed competence of the team. Therefore, the website headers feature videos showing employees explaining the corporate philosophy in their own words. This is aimed at establishing a personal relationship to website visitors. The straightlined typography paired with a majuscule font and large headlines exude a strong sense of self-reliance.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Zorraquino, Bilbao
  • Programming:
    Jon Barragán, Álvaro Campos, Javier Cabello, Ibai Raigoso
  • Image Editing:
    Leyre Cerezal
  • Text:
    Xandra Garrido, Iratxe Umaran, Iñaki Lecue
  • Art Direction:
    Miguel Zorraquino
  • Client:
    Zorraquino, Bilbao
Zorraquino | Red Dot Design Award