Corporate Gift


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This calendar features 25 odd stories about coincidence and was created in a mostly aleatory process. The designers walked barefoot over colour charts, and the colours that coincidentally stuck to their feet defined the colour scheme for the calendar. For the design of the individual pages, dice rolling, random scripts and other principles of random coincidence were applied, leading to unexpected results. Pages were arranged in random order or printed with mixed-up colours. A making-of video can be found on the corresponding website.

  • Client:
    Antalis, Frechen
  • Design:
    Q Kreativgesellschaft mbH, Wiesbaden
  • creative direction:
    Thilo von Debschitz, Matthias Frey, Alexander Ginter
  • illustration:
    Matthias Frey, Alexander Ginter, Moritz Stuebig
  • project management:
    Detlef Westenberger, Komminform
  • printing:
    Volkhardt Caruna Medien
  • bookbinding: