Red Dot Design Award
Doctors’ Magazine


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The magazine zwei by pharmaceutical company Pfizer is targeted at 16,000 doctors in Germany and surprises not only through its choice of content, but also through its overall appearance. Constantly reinventing itself, each issue of the magazine features a different main theme such as “Me”, “Happiness” or “Time”. What is special about it is that doctors are the protagonists of most of the articles. The layout stands out on its own as an independent bearer of ideas, providing irony or setting counterpoints. Thus, the cover of the “Me” issue, for example, is a mirror for readers to see themselves reflected in, and the “Happiness” issue features the appearance of a gambling machine. Well-researched articles and profiles of people with unusual journeys through life offer entertainment on a high level, which is further enhanced by the layout, as it captivates readers through distinctive illustrations and original photographs. Statement by the jury »This concept is highly surprising and daring as it is for a magazine of a pharmaceutical company. Both in terms of content and design it goes way beyond the ordinary. Featuring contributions on specific topics in professionally designed layouts with hilariously humorous illustrations and informational diagrams, the magazine possesses both lightness and ingenuity.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Pfizer Deutschland GmbH, Berlin
  • Design:
    Bohm und Nonnen, Darmstadt
  • creative direction:
    Theo Nonnen, Bohm und Nonnen
  • art direction:
    Steven Dohn, Bohm und Nonnen
  • concept:
    Henning Hesse, Kirsten Wörnle
  • text:
    Henning Hesse; Kirsten Wörnle, Kairos Redaktionsbüro