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The magazine “zwei” (two) presents medical topics in an unconventional way. Doctors are the protagonists of most of the articles. This peephole perspective – “What are other doctors doing?” – captivates the readers as does the special perspective of the imagery and the text. The sixth edition looks ahead to the year 2052. The imagery consistently employs a Perry Rhodan-like aesthetic as a synonym for science fiction. The topics range from talking flesh and hearts that grow on trees to looking back into the past.

  • Client:
    Pfizer Deutschland GmbH, Berlin
  • Design:
    Bohm und Nonnen, Darmstadt
  • text:
    Kirsten Wörnle, Kairos Redaktionsbüro
  • illustration:
    Mart Klein, Silke Bachmann
  • editor:
    Henning Hesse