Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design

Winners’ Benefits

Winning the Red Dot is the well-deserved recognition for high design quality and creativity. It offers the winners exclusive opportunities to communicate their success – to employees, existing or potential clients, business partners and the media.

Winner Label

Whether it is used in high-quality print campaigns or on their own website, the internationally accepted Red Dot Winner Label serves the winners as a PR and marketing tool that they can use to set themselves apart from their competitors in a positive manner and to generate worldwide attention.

Online Exhibition

The online exhibition presents the award-winning brands and projects in words and pictures, depending on its type also in a video clip. While the public section of the website reflects the current award year, all of the winners since 2011 can be seen in the members-only section of the Red Dot Network. Besides a description, information on the designers and clients as well as further details, more information is provided for interested parties from business, the media and the design industry.



The yearbook published worldwide comprises all prize-winning brands and communication works and presents them in words and pictures. It also introduces the makers behind the best brands and projects of the year as well as the Red Dot: Agency of the Year, among others in interviews.

After the publication of the yearbook, the Red Dot: Best of the Best award winners can continue to use the description text, the jury statement, the pictures and the interview from the designer profile for their communication.


Look into the International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 2019:


During the Designers’ Night in Berlin, Germany, all award-winning works and brands will be presented exclusively in the winners’ exhibition “Design on Stage” for one night only. Subsequently, selected brands and projects will be on show in national and international exhibitions, for example in the Museum for Communication Berlin.

Media Support

The winners benefit from the international PR as well as the high-quality and wide-coverage media partnerships of Red Dot. Journalists from around the globe receive information and images of award-winners from their subject areas throughout the year, and individual media requests are answered in a thorough way. The laureates receive a customisable template for a press release to assist them in announcing their success.


On the day of the award ceremony, the laureates receive their personal certificate as official proof of their excellent performance. A photo shoot puts the proud winners and their Red Dot Certificate in the limelight.

Red Dot Trophy

During the award ceremony, the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners receive the black Red Dot Trophy on stage at the Konzerthaus Berlin in Germany. The makers of the best piece of work in a category in the field of “Communication Design” do not find out that they have won the Red Dot: Grand Prix until during the Red Dot Gala. The brands who are awarded Red Dot: Brand of the Year in their industry, will be announced during the awarding ceremony, too. The respective leaders receive the exclusive white trophy in front of an international audience:


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