Corporate Identity Relaunch

Odense Teater

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Housed in a neo-baroque building and founded in 1796, Odense Teater is the second oldest theatre in Denmark. In the tradition of the performing arts, it inspires hundreds of thousands of spectators year after year according to the words written across the old stage: “I kunsten kan livet kendes” (In art, you see life). From this perspective, a new identity was created based on reflection. Thus, the logo formally picks up on the majestic building with its arched doorways and tall narrow windows, which are reflected in the initials “OT”. In turn, they appear as if printed through a stencil and mirrored, so that the historical elements are integrated with a modern twist and precise sharpness that give the new look an elegant and contemporary expression. This classic-modern appeal runs consistently throughout all media, including the website, printed materials and merchandise such as T-shirts, cloth bags or coffee mugs, and is further emphasised by the specially designed font.


The relaunch of Odense Teater’s corporate identity is characterised by an exceptionally coherent approach, most appropriate for the staging of a traditional theatre of this kind. The original concept of the logo, which reflects both the architecture of the building and symbolically the message that the theatre conveys, was excellently implemented and, together with the custom-designed typeface, complements the overall appearance outstandingly well.

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