One-step Whole House Cleaning Midea X10

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This wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner aims to provide a brand-new tool for completing daily household cleaning tasks quickly and effectively. It completely transforms conventional cleaning methods, allowing consumers to have a clean and fresh environment in a short period of time. The product consists of two parts: a lighter, cleaner and smarter machine and a fully automated base station. Water automatically flows up and down, and cleaning liquid is added automatically as well. Solids and liquids are identified and separated at the station. The cleaning liquid is discharged into the sewers automatically, while the solid passes through the input-dry-pulverise triple compound filter to become nutrient mud. This by-product can be used to fertilise flowers and plants, as a recycling system, or to reduce garbage production. When used by the elderly, the intelligent voice on the handle is much closer to the ears and can be heard more clearly. The vacuum cleaner has two roller brushes that allow it to be flushed against the wall’s edge. It also has a 45-degree large screen for a more ergonomic viewing angle, a two-way electric power assist system, and a reversible floor brush for more thorough cleaning.

 Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Domestic Aid and Home Appliances

Red Dot

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