Parasitic Product

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Parasitism, the lifestyle of half of the organisms on Earth, gets a bad reputation because parasites survive by taking take nutrients away from other creatures – their hosts. However, in a macroscopic viewpoint, this attempt by parasites to breach the host actually fosters the evolution of entire host species. Just as parasites have influenced the evolution of the entire species in the natural world, products are part of an ecosystem and influence each other. As such, Parasitic Product propose that even a single product can extend the limitations of the host product. How would this then change the ecosystem of products? Parasitic Product is divided into 3 parasitic forms. ‘Spatial Parasitism’ depends on the dead space of the host product or the location of the host product (such as place and height). ‘Energy Parasitism’ uses the host product as a power source or waste energy that is naturally generated and discarded. Lastly, ‘Functional Parasitism’ possesses its own function by utilising the functions of the host product. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Domestic Aid

Red Dot: Honourable Mention

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