Full-Aluminium Tension Umbrella


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In perfect balance

A standing parasol is an important piece of equipment for activities in the sun. However, problems are often caused by a lack of stability and sometimes difficult handling. The S16 is a durable, full-aluminium tension umbrella that impresses with its sophisticated functionality. Based on an innovative system, it offers a high degree of stability as the result of an exactly balanced opening and closing mechanism between struts, membrane and structure. Thanks to this optimised ratio, this umbrella is very easy to open and close. Users can handle it intuitively and manually, as a sudden collapse of the struts and thus any potential risk of injury is excluded. The S16 is designed with a harmonious design language that lends it a high-quality and stylish appearance. Thanks to being customisable, this umbrella also impresses with numerous possible variants. For example, the cover of the umbrella is available in unicolours or with stripes, while the framework of the shade is available in either white or anthracite. Individual components of the umbrella, such as the handle, strut connectors and end caps, can be selected in a variety of colours and combined freely to create a subtle yet striking accent in its environment. With its elegance and sophisticated functionality, the S16 full-aluminium tension umbrella sets new standards for the quality of a parasol.


This umbrella captivates with its high formal quality and the fascinating comfort it offers. It is very easy to open and close based on an innovative mechanism that impresses with its elegance and functionality. The entire structure, as well as the careful design of the framework and the individual elements lend it a subtle yet highly aesthetic appearance. It enriches its environment and is both very robust and reliable.

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