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Inspired by the traditional Finnish sauna, Tampere is an air circulator with a ‘sauna’ function that warms a space through steam heat. This circulator incorporates a hot-mist humidifier function that pumps warm water vapour to quickly raise indoor temperature and humidity at the same time. This is also achieved without having to use a large amount of steam heat. The key functions of Tampere are the general ‘air circulation’ function and the ‘sauna’ function. Additionally, it has wind directional and rotational functions, as well as time scheduling functions. A display panel shows the residual and current temperature of the water and allows the wind volume or desired temperature to be controlled. A separate filter on the back of the product filters dust, and under it is a 1.8-litre water drawer that refills water. Finally, the handle of the product is constructed in a frame format that not only allows convenient movement but also expresses its tactility. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Domestic Aid

Red Dot

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