Illustration Diary

101 Days of Drawing

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The book “101 Days of Drawing” deals with the topic of daily creativity and analyses what impact daily routines have on illustrators who are obliged to meet their professional duties. As being a professional means working on things you enjoy even on days you do not feel like doing them, the designer conducted the following experiment: over a period of 101 days, he searched for new topics to illustrate each day. The results were compiled for an “illustration diary”, which covers a wide variety of topics includ-ing media culture, doubt, creativity, love and hatred, but also more mundane topics such as the weather. The individual drawings present themselves with a wide variety of approaches, visualising a topic either through a single full-page motif or through many details that are superimposed and thus tell a story. The illustrations, which this book combines and presents with additional information on the left side, have been realised as independent posters. Statement by the jury »The illustrations in this book impress by the idea of having to deal with a different topic every day as a challenge to one’s own creativity on the one hand, and by their fresh and consistent realisation on the other hand. Stylistically, they display a high variance and thus make the book a pleasure to leaf through.«

  • Design:
    Björn Steinmetzler, Hückeswagen