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13" MacBook Air

13" MacBook Air | Red Dot Design Award

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Since the debut of the first model, the MacBook Air has always combined a robust and light precision aluminium unibody enclosure with high performance and user-friendliness. The new 13" MacBook Air optimises this performance-to-weight ratio. It is remarkably slim, and yet is very sturdy and robust ideal for working on the go. Like iPad, MacBook Air was designed from the ground up to use flash storage exclusively. This type of storage medium is up to 90 per cent smaller and lighter than a conventional notebook hard drive, making it possible to create a MacBook Air with an even more compact and thinner design. Alongside providing much faster data access and even more reliable operation, the use of flash storage technology is also space saving and thus leaves room for a bigger battery which, in the case of the 13" model, gives users up to 7 hours of battery life for uninterrupted work. The generously sized multi-touch track pad with glass surface is pleasing to the touch and incorporates another user-friendly design aspect of the MacBook Air. Following an approach of consistently reinterpreting the reduction to the essential, the MacBook Air establishes a new sense of lightness for mobile work with a notebook.

Statement by the Jury

Smaller, ligher and more silent. The MacBook Air is reduced to the essential and designed for utmost efficiency. It is the result of all that Apple has experienced and learned while creating notebooks, mobile phones and tablet computers. Its housing is crafted from a single piece of aluminium to save resources and features a multi-touch track pad made of glass. Equipped with flash memory technology, the MacBook Air is ready for use anywhere and at any time – a thoroughly mobile and contemporary product.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    Apple, Inc., USA
  • In-house design:
    Apple, Inc., Apple Industrial Design Team, USA
13" MacBook Air | Red Dot Design Award
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