Red Dot Design Award

1772 Count Coreth Prachensky

1772 Count Coreth Prachensky | Red Dot Design Award

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The identity of this spirituous liquor manufacturer has a dynamic and fresh appeal yet also conveys the centuries-old family tradition of the company. To communicate high-quality standards, the corporate design uses a detailed image vocabulary: artistic illustrations against a blue background speak of the tropical fruits from Thailand used for distillation. The silver-grey, navy blue and orange of the corporate colour scheme correspond harmoniously to the distinctive drop shape of the 1772 bottle.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    MC International, Maximilian Coreth, Salzburg
  • Design:
    Spirit Design – Innovation and Branding, Vienna
  • customer advisory service:
    Daniel Huber (Managing Partner), Maria Hell
  • creative direction:
    Maria Hell
  • design direction:
    Alexander Pohl
  • 2d/3d design:
    Yuhsuke Akamatsu, Rainer Flassak, Tomas Maly
  • illustration:
    Heri Irawan
  • text:
    Mathias Miller-Aichholz