200 Jahre Krupp – Ein Mythos wird besichtigt

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Deciphering the “Krupp myth” picture puzzle was the key design idea for this exhibition, with blurred “superimpositions” serving as a design metaphor. The exhibition was staged on the 12-meter level of a former coal-washing plant, which today has been re-designated as a Ruhr area commemorative site. The space is structured by a central installation of rectangular solid elements, forming a “field of force”, while different-sized cuboids follow a free play of horizontal and vertical arrangements. In terms of material and appearance, the rather dark ambience of the space is contrasted by white components creating an “enlightening” brightness. As an allegory of the mechanisation of writing, the monospaced typeface Generika, with its technical appearance, was the font selected for use in the exhibition.

  • Client:
    Stiftung Ruhr Museum, Essen
  • Design:
    südstudio, Stuttgart
  • creative direction:
    Brigida González