2011 The Ideas Competition: 1 Unit, 100 Families, 10000 Residents

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These posters visualise the three topics of the competition “The Ideas Competition 2011” at the Shenzhen Center for Design: “1 Unit”, “100 Families” and “10000 Residents”. The core elements in the Center for Design logo (triangle, circle, rectangle and square) were employed to develop an identity system. Arranged in different combinations, these elements form not only the competition logo but also three visual images for the different themes. These three posters are interrelated and interact with each other. A fourth poster is the key image poster of the competition, reflecting the interaction and association of the three topics.

  • Client:
    Shenzhen Center for Design, Shenzhen
  • Design:
    SenseTeam, Shenzhen
  • art direction:
    Hei Yiyang
  • graphic design:
    Hei Yiyang, Wang Xiaomeng, Liu Haiyan