Exhibition Design, Pop-up Campaign

2016 TNH Center

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Through a collection of everyday objects, the TNH Building at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taiwan, documents the phenomenon of human memory. It traces cultural identity with the objective of developing real spirits in the cultural and creative industry. Promoting to the public the message and special significance of the building, the 2016 TNH Center was exhibited as a 60-day pop-up campaign, echoing the belief that memories are diminishing rapidly in modern times. The materials of construction and the exhibits were all recyclable in order to promote sustainable development for the future.

  • Client:
    Taipei New Horizon Limited, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Design:
    Plan b, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Organisation:
    Taipei New Horizon Limited, Taipei City, Taiwan, Shopping Design, Taipei City, Taiwan, Justfont, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Spatial Design:
    archicake, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Film Production:
    Bito Studio, Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Visual Design:
    Peter Chang, Taipei City, Taiwan
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