Red Dot Design Award

2020 Oslo tram

2020 Oslo tram | Red Dot Design Award

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This a realistic vision for Oslo's planned tram purchase for 2020. The objective is to achieve a modern, functional and efficient tram concept that could influence the future of Oslo’s public transportation design. Based on a multi-articulated tram type that only has wheels under three out of five wagons, the two wagons without wheels can be built with 100% low floor to focus on higher passenger capacity. The new trams are longer than existing Oslo trams, has fewer seats, more doors, lower floors, more open areas and a wider aisle for a better flow and efficiency. Inspired by the aesthetics of Scandinavian simplicity, the new tram identity comprises a simple and modern exterior with geometric shapes, smooth transitions, minimal surfaces and illuminating lines that light up the streets of Oslo. Other key features include a bright and open interior with Norwegian wood and felt seats, a better user experience guided by exterior and interior screens that clearly display active route information, and a transparent captain’s dashboard that would help tram drivers spot any children and dogs in front of the tram.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Mikkel Brandt Bugge, Taral Jansen, Norway