Red Dot Design Award
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21 Mountain Symphony Gift Set

21 Mountain Symphony Gift Set | Red Dot Design Award

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The packaging design for this tea collection aims to express the concepts of nature and freshness. The handwoven bamboo basket, which hints at the characteristic origin of the tea, convincingly attracts attention on the shelf. It contains matt-black tea caddies that follow a contemporary design approach. Overlapping tea leaves, which echo the form of Far Eastern musical instruments, serve as the key visual. This imagery illustrates the conscious act of listening to the purest sounds of nature, such as wind and rain, and associates this experience with the enjoyment of drinking tea.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Yeh Wen Cheng Tea Co. Ltd., Chiayi City
  • Design:
    Magic Creative, Taipei
  • Design Team:
    Chin-Tung Chen, Mia Chen, De-Yu Lin, Yu-Lin Lai
  • Artwork:
    21 Tea House