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The online shop 29CM delivers fashion trends and discount offerings in the areas of clothing, interior and lifestyle products. In contrast to conventional mobile shopping apps, the interface was designed with minimal colours and lines. Thereby the complexity was reduced and the concentration of content optimised. Users can access the app on the shop’s home page, which shows a digital clock and a stream of promotional items that are displayed in three second intervals. The “Issue” section offers news regarding different brands and products offered in the shop. The “PT” (Presentation) channel shows various brand stories. Users can share content using pinch in/out gestures, while the “Following Text” technique supports dynamic interaction.

  • Client:
    29CM, Seoul
  • Design/Development:
    Plus X & CRECA, Seoul
  • Creative Direction:
    Lee Changwoo, Lee Minjee, Byun Sabum, Huh Seungwon, Shin Myungsup
  • GUI Design:
    Choi Bongho, Jung Hee, Jung Hyeyoung, Jang Kiwon
  • GUI Guide:
    Jung Mira
  • UX Planning:
    Jeon Youjin, Kim Yujung, Kim Jungho
  • Development Team:
    Kim Kihyun, Joo Youngsang, Na Jinkyoung
  • Film Design:
    Han Areum, Park Junyeoung