3 min Katastrophe

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This book deals with the accident of the airship LZ 129, an incident that attracted worldwide attention as the “Hindenburg Disaster”. The focus, however, is not on an exploration of causes, but rather on the emotional impact that this incident had on people and society. Kept entirely in black-and-white, the book visualises how people were confronted with both the incident and the flood of conflicting information about it. This ranges from what was seen and heard, followed by aimless investigations marked by mutual accusations and untenable theories, up to the stories of the passengers and the crew and their fleeting memories. Backed up by historical photographs, plans and drawings, as well as a disturbed and often blurry typeface that alternates with official documents, the layout conveys a vivid impression of the accident itself and its never fully determined cause. Statement by the jury »This meticulously detailed documentation manages to draw a hauntingly vivid picture of the dramatic accident and the sense of people’s insecurity that the incident triggered. It communicates the message of the subsequent aimless investigation of and conflicting information about the incident in an emotional and highly captivating manner through a typeface that is fractured and in parts even purposefully difficult to read.«

  • Client:
    IN.D Institute of Design Düsseldorf
  • Design:
    Katharina Wix, Essen