3T Revo

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3T Revo turns the concept of a traditional aerobar on its head and places the grips behind the wingtips so they point towards the rider. This design is not only safer but also more comfortable. In manoeuvres such as sprinting or hard cornering, the rider needs higher leverage on the bars for more stability and control, therefore moving the hands to the outer grips. With the 3T Revo, there is no risk of the hands slipping off to the front, since the grips are located behind the base bar. The aerofoil section houses all control cabling internally.

Statement by the Jury

The design of a racing bike handlebar requires the highest precision. Together with the innovative redefinition of a traditional design, the 3T Revo is a true eye-catcher.

  • Manufacturer:
    3T Cycling, Brembate, Italy