Image Film

40 Years of Illuminating Design

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Using the notion of “illumination”, this image film illustrates the design philosophy that has driven Porsche Design Group for 40 years. The image is conveyed in a narrative approach so that the designed products “light up” the lives of the people using them. The film features dark backgrounds, whereas the products themselves are illuminated using strong lighting. The keywords “puristic”, “innovative” and “engineered” serve as chapter headings that aid in chronologically imparting the history of the Porsche Design Group.

  • Client:
    Porsche Design Gesellschaft mbH, Zell am See
  • Design:
    Schober Design, London
  • concept:
    Damian Schober, Denis Kovac
  • project management:
    Arifa Sheikh, Lucy Martens
  • film production:
    Arifa Sheikh
  • film direction:
    Damian Schober
  • music/sound design:
  • fashion styling:
    Florentine Pabst
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