Wall-Mounted Basin Mixer


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Nothing on the 5MM basin mixer is more than 5 mm wide. This design feature highlights its central technical elements particularly well. Although there are many examples of very slim spouts or shower heads, a patent protects the technology used to make a mixer with these dimensions. By having the same width, the control handles, situated on the base, ensure that the design concept is maintained throughout. 5MM stands out due to its sweeping lightness, pronounced elegance and highly eco-friendly concept.

Statement by the Jury

The uniform, small dimensions of all its components and the high quality of materials used make this basin mixer an outstanding eye-catcher.

  • Manufacturer:
    Rubinetterie 3M Srl, Asciano, Italy
  • Design:
    Ing Giampiero Castagnoli OCO Studio (Emanuel Gargano, Marco Fagioli)