Poster Series

601 Artbook Project 2010

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The design of the posters for the 601 Artbook Project 2010 pursues a book’s structure that provides its content in an open and accessible way to readers. The title aswell as the typography are intended to highlight this and to bring the creativity and the narrative style to life. The design of the title, looking as if little birds are conquering the world, is eye-catching. The exhibition poster “22 points” depicts 22 dots created by unique patterns and a geometrically shaped human silhouette merging typographically with a graphic illustration of the exhibition place.

  • Client:
    601bisang, Seoul
  • Design:
    601bisang, Seoul
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Kum-Jun Park
  • graphic design:
    Kum-Jun Park
  • illustration:
    Kum-Jun Park, Ji-Hee Lee